Tu Enemigo (Single)


Artist Pablo López feat. Juanes
Release Date 09/04/2015
Label Universal Music Spain
Format Single
Produced by Kim Fanlo
Recorded by Andrés Saavedra at East West Studios (Los Angeles), Kim Fanlo at Wicked Sound (Barcelona) and Max Miglin at MG Studios (Madrid)
Musicians Aaron Sterling (drums), Kim Fanlo (bass, guitars, synthesizers, programming), Pablo López (piano, synthesizers, lead and background vocals), Juanes (vocals and electric guitar)
Mixed by Max Miglin at MG Studios (Madrid)
Assiant Engineer Jorge Monroy at MG Studios (Madrid)
Mastered by Max Miglin at MG Studios (Madrid)

** Double Platinum (+80.000 downloads)

+68 millions views on YouTube

Song Of The Year 2016 at Los 40 Music Awards