Münik records their new songs at Wicked Sound

This week Münik has been recording their new songs at Wicked Sound.

If you like Otra Dimensión, their last EP, you’re going to love their new work…

It was a pleasure to have you here, Mónica, Jordi and Aleix!


Sinestesia (EP)


Artist Elen
Release Date 12/18/2015
Label Ocho Music & Records
Format CD
Produced Songs: La Edad De Los Arboles
Recorded by Kim Fanlo at Wicked Sound (Barcelona)
Musicians Félix Fanlo (drums), Kim Fanlo (bass, electric and acoustic guitars, piano, programming, percussion), Elen (vocals)
Mixed by Tomi Pérez at Boo-Boo´s Music (Sant Joan Despí)
Mastered by Xasqui Ten at Ten Productions (Sabadell)



  1. La Edad De Los Árboles*
  2. Sinestesia
  3. Decirte Que
  4. Segmentos Cruzados
  5. Ayournamat


* Lyrics: Elen / Music: Elen and Kim Fanlo