Otra Dimensión


Artist Münik
Release Date 03/16/2015
Label Münik
Format CD
Produced by Kim Fanlo
Recorded by Kim Fanlo at Wicked Sound (Barcelona)
Musicians Mónika Rodriguez (lead and background vocals), Jordi Roselló (drums), Aleix Vilardebó (guitars, piano, synthesizers and programming) Kim Fanlo (bass, guitars, piano, synthesizers and programming)
Mixed by Tomi Pérez at Boo-Boo´s Music (Sant Joan Despí)
Mastered by Simon Davey at The Exchange Mastering (London)



  1. Diferente Pero Igual
  2. Solo Amigos
  3. Para Volver A Tí
  4. Nadie
  5. Tan Lejos
  6. No Me Quiero Ir De Aquí