Tour Ends with Sold-Out Show at Fibes Seville

The concert hall at Fibes in Seville witnessed the last show of El Mundo Tour, a tour that visited every corner of Spain, then ventured beyond its borders to travel to Argentina, Chile, Mexico City and New York.

More than 70 sold-out shows since the beginning of the tour and almost 100 concerts make it a total of more than 120,000 people who have seen him live over the past months.

On Saturday the Spanish artist said goodbye until next year so he can start working on new projects. It was a concert packed full of emotions that held surprises for us, like Antonio Orozco, who was invited to perform one of the songs on that night’s set list: “Mi Héroe“, a song by Antonio Orozco that offered a magical moment for the audience to enjoy.

Thanks so much to everybody who accompanied us during this unforgettable tour… See you soon!