No Pain No Gain


Artist 08001
Release Date 09/10/2013
Label Montuno Music
Format CD
Co-Produced Songs “Mystic Music Man” and “I Feel You” with  Julian Urigoitia 
Recorded by Julian Urigoita at Soiart (Barcelona) and César Cisneros at Feelback Studios (Barcelona)
Musicians Ghetto Priest (vocals), Natasha Drum (vocals), Julian Urigoitia (programming), Carlos López (drums), Aniruddha Das (bass), Kim Fanlo (bass, electric and acoustic guitars), Carlos Sarduy (trumpet, keyboards), Joan Aymerich (keyboards), Carlos Martín (trombone), Kinre Molina (sax), Max Wright (percussion)
Mixed by Dave Bascombe at Sphere Studios (London)
Mastered by Tony Cousins at Metropolis Studios (London)



  1. Children Rise
  2. Red Rose
  3. No Pain No Gain
  4. Divide And Conquer
  5. Intro
  6. Mystic Music Man
  7. I Feel You
  8. Shine On
  9. Mr. Cop
  10. Life & Lessons


All songs written by Ghetto Priest, Kim Fanlo, Carlos Sarduy and Julián Urigoitia except:

“Children Rise” and “Divide And Conquer” (Natasha Drum, Ghetto Priest, Kim Fanlo, Carlos Sarduy, Julián Urigoitia), “I Feel You” (L. Johansson, Ghetto Priest, Kim Fanlo, Julián Urigoitia) and “Shine On” (Natasha Drum, Kim Fanlo, Carlos Sarduy, Julián Urigoitia)