Music Has No Limits


Artist Deparamo
Release Date 11/27/2015
Label Deparamo Music
Format CD
Produced Songs Stop And Love, Mission 
Recorded by Kim Fanlo and Vicen Martínez at Wicked Sound (Barcelona)
Brass Recording by Max Miglin at MG Studios (Madrid)
Músicos Miguel Deparamo (piano, Rhodes, vocals), Kim Fanlo (bass, electric guitars, Hammond, synthesizers, programming, percussion), Félix Fanlo (drums), Patxi Urchegui (trumpet), Sergio Bienzobas (tenor and baritone sax), Noah Francis Johnson (lead and background vocals) Prodigal Sunn (vocals), Yolanda Sikara (background vocals)
Brass Arrangements Patxi Urchegui, Kim Fanlo and Miguel Deparamo
Mixed by Tomi Pérez at Boo-Boo´s Music (Sant Joan Despí)
Mastered by Miguel Ángel González at Black Box Mastering (Sevilla)

Stop And Love (Lyrics: Noah Francis Johnson, Prodigal Sunn / Music: Kim Fanlo, Miguel Deparamo)

Mission (Lyrics: Noah Francis Johnson / Music: Kim Fanlo, Miguel Deparamo)